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Chibi collection

released: 07/24/2021

The 1st issue of comic book

released: 08/14/2021

The 2nd issue of comic book

released: 10/10/2021

Collectible cards

Chibi collection

The Chibi collection is the cutest way of turning stories into small arts. We made a collection of 1000 chibi characters. Each one is unique because of its different background, pets and weapons. The most important factor separating your chibi from others is the difference in background. Each character has a different story expressed by its rare native background. Every character possesses the rarest background, two other rare backgrounds and 3 common ones. This is our first collection ever released on Cardano! Which makes it personal for us, as we gain confidence that we are on the right path of success, and we can make our ambitious plans come true! This is a very important milestone in the Attack on Vitalik history.

Collectible comic book

The 1st issue

We brought the uniqueness of comic books into play. We will be minting a total of 7 thousand comic books in three issues. Every issue will have at least 1000 minted pieces. This means the 1st issue is the most limited one with a very limited supply of 1000 comic books. With 3 main categories of rarity divided into 10 different subcategories of rarities, there is plenty of room to build your comic book collection. This is the first time we have tried to bring rarity to comic books. We believe that the 1st issue was a good test of a concept we have created. However it wasn’t perfect and we believe we can push the bar higher, so please let us know on our socials if you feel like you have any idea how we could improve! Let's grow together!

Collectible comic book

The 2nd issue

Excited to be able to release the second issue of the Attack on Vitalik, we wanted to make this release special. That's why we increased the number of comic book pages to expand our universe and the number of comics minted to be sure that everyone will get at least one. We listened to your feedback and have decided to make things more interesting and collectable by creating several rarities inside each category, as well as making the colourful and animated versions much scarcer. The rarity of your comic book depends solely on its rating, with each one having its own cover. Comics rated 7 and above have special versions of covers marked 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and rating 10 has two 1/1 NFTs.